School Supply List 2016-2017

Supply List 2016-2017
*One pair of headphones (not earbuds!) compatible with Apple iPads.  Please label the headphones with your name.  Please put the headphones in a gallon size, zip lock bag, also labeled with your name.  These will stay at school all year, and be returned home at the end of the school year.

*One flat, sturdy two-pocket folder with your name on the front.  
This is a communications folder for transporting notes to and from school,
homework, etc.  The folder travels to and from school in your backpack each day.

* One, composition notebook, labeled with your name on the front.

*Two, 24-packs of crayons (shared).

*One package (4/set) of expo fine tip dry erase markers (shared).

*One box of kleenex tissues (shared).

*One plastic container of Clorox wipes (shared).

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