Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Cape Elizabeth Land Trust, or CELT, generously granted the first graders at Pond Cove School a presentation by the Chewonki Foundation!  In addition to providing the entire fee for 6 presentations, CELT allowed us to use their lovely space, just across the street from the IGA parking lot, and an easy walk for us to make.

As part of our unit of study about the Night, including what we see in the night sky, and animals that are nocturnal, we study owls.  The Chewonki foundation gave each first grade class a one hour presentation all about owls native to Maine, which included live owls!

Above is  Byron, a 27 year old Barred Owl.  Ask your child to tell you
something about Byron.

The large owl in the photo above is a Great Horned Owl.  Ask your little one if those are really
horns on it's head.

And this little fellow in the photo above is a Screech Owl.  Ask your child why the Chewonki
Foundation is caring for this little owl, or any of the owls that are at Chewonki.

Here are some photos of activities over the past few weeks.  Enjoy!
Role Playing conflict resolution with Mrs. G.

Buddy Sharing after Writing Workshop

Yoga with Ms. Moe!

Learning the coding app Block Island with Mr. Charltray

Just a bunch of first graders with their stuffies!

Ms. Hasson read us a story about a snow day after our first snow day!