Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hello Families!  Here is a brief update from this very busy week.  I hope you all and your families have a lovely Veteran's Day weekend!

First graders cast their ballots during Pond Cove School's mock election day, this past Monday, November 7th!

Placing their ballots in the ballot box, below.

Proudly sporting their "I Voted!" stickers!

During the days leading up to this week's election we read books to learn about what elections are.  The book, What Are Elections?, by Jennifer Boothroyd, helped define the terms we use during election season, such as candidate, citizens, and ballot.

The book, I Can Be President, Too! by Yanitzia Cannetti, helped us learn about personal qualities people demonstrate, such as one who is responsible, fair, determined, etc.  We learned that children have these qualities, too, and why these are important qualities to have.

Time for giving Thanks!  
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, our annual food drive has commenced!
Please read below a letter that was recently emailed to Pond Cove families.  First grade is collecting boxes of hot or cold cereals, granola bars, and fruit bars to donate to Judy's Pantry. If you send your first grader to school with a donation, there are boxes in the lobby for him or her to deposit a box of food.  Thank you very much for helping us with this project, we can accept donations until November 18th.

Dear Pond Cove Families,     Thanksgiving, Cornucopia,

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and be thankful. In the spirit of giving and sharing, Pond Cove School would like to invite the children to donate a non-perishable food item to local families in need.

All items will be donated to Judy’s Pantry, right here in Cape Elizabeth. Please send any donations to school from Monday, November 7 - Friday, November 18th.

We have been in contact with Judy’s Pantry, and at this time, there is no need for canned vegetables or tomato soup.
Please be sure there are no open boxes or expired dates, and
lower salt & sugar options are preferred if available.

Kindergarten:    Canned and dried fruits and nuts
First Grade:       Cereal (hot & cold); granola & fruit bars
Second Grade:   Hearty soup, stew, chili
Third Grade:     Tuna & canned chicken;other meats & fish
Fourth Grade:   Peanut butter(creamy&chunky), jam/jelly

Many thank yous, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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