Saturday, September 24, 2016

We got our Yoga on this week with help from Ms. Moe!  She taught us to do deep breathing, and then we practiced Cat/Cow poses.  Deep breathing and Cat/Cow helps prepare our brains and bodies for learning.  We noticed how good we felt afterward, too!
Ask your resident first grader to show you how it's done!

One of our first math goals is learning the sums of 10 so well that we know them in a 'snap'!  To practice we played a game called "Bunny Hop".  Our hungry bunny needs to hop on a number line from it's rabbit hole on the number 0, to get to the carrot waiting on number 10, and then back again to it's rabbit hole.  The children rolled a six sided die to get the counting going, thinking "I landed on 4, what do I need to roll to get to 10", and so on.  Learning sums of 10 is such fun!

Book bags came home this weekend!  Our little readers chose a few books that they'd been practicing this week to take home to read over the weekend.  (Note the fancy name cards on your child's book bag!  Who doesn't love a little glitter?!)  The children have been working on developing the following reading habits:  sneak peaks (or previews), which helps with making meaning once the work of word reading is underway, checking our sneak peaks (were our predictions right?), rereading to make our voices sound smooth, like talking.  First graders are also working on developing the skill of remembering to pack their book bags to return them to school on Monday!

We are looking forward to the First Grade Open House this coming Wednesday, September 28th from 6:30 to 7:00 p.m.!  Your first grader will be your tour guide, showing you around our classroom and around the school.

Have a wonderful first weekend of Fall!  

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hello everyone!  We've successfully completed our first full week of school, and it was packed full of fun, learning, establishing new friendships and reconnecting with old friends.  One of my young friends commented, " I can't believe it's already time to go home, this day went by in a snap!"

We had our first Guidance lesson with Mrs. G and learned about our new Friendship Bench!  The bench is lovely to look at, and even more special because of the way it is used.  Ask your first grader about it!!

Our principal, Miss Hasson, came to our class and read us a story!  We enjoyed hearing School's First Day of School, by Adam Rex and Christian Robinson.  We also played a fun, and challenging (for Miss Hasson) name game!

During Reading Workshop this week we grew our reading muscles by building stamina when reading to ourselves.  We also got to read with our Reading Partners!  We practiced building the reading habits of checking our sneak peak (predictions), reading more and more, and doing something when we finish a book.  Doing something means rereading a favorite part over again, rereading the whole book, or retelling the story.  We are learning how to reread our story to make our voice sound smooth, like talking!  

We were so lucky, we got to go to the fire station and meet some Cape Elizabeth and South Portland fire fighters, and police officers!  We got to go inside a fire truck and an ambulance, and we looked inside a police car.  It was so much fun meeting the men and women who keep us safe!

Families, please remember that next Monday, September 19th will be our first Early Release Day.  Children will be dismissed by noon while staff remains until 4:30 working with technology, and other important learning goals.

Smile!! Picture Day is next Tuesday, September 20th!  You can pre order online, or send in the order form with a check, with your child on Tuesday.  All children will be photographed individually, and with their class.  It's so sweet to see the little ones coming into school dressed in their 'fancy' picture clothes.  :)  If you would like your child to change into play clothes after their photo is taken, be sure to send them in their backpacks.

Have a lovely September weekend!

Friday, September 9, 2016

We learned that readers take a 'sneak peek' before we begin to read!  Then, we check our sneak peaks to see how close our predications were.

We practiced making template shape designs!

Getting some mid morning exercise for our brains and bodies!  Do YOU GoNoodle??!!

Phew, the first week of school is in the books!  I think we sent home a group of happy, albeit tired and warm little ones today. What a joy it has been getting to know the children and discovering what a kind, creative class we have. 

The first week has been all about establishing daily routines; in the classroom, hallways, playground, and lunchroom.  We specifically focused on "Whole Body Listening", which helps us be the best learner we can be. We also focused on the skill of Listening using the book Listen, Buddy by Helen Lester.  We will follow up on Monday with Howard P. Wigglebotton Learns to Listen, by Howard Binkow.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!